How to find your blogging Niche?

How to find your blogging Niche?

Create four Notebook pages and fill it out with the following questions:  In an attempt to narrow down my own, I have filled out the questions to share with each of you.


  • Things you’re crazy, insanely and utterly mad about – What makes me mad is people who are treated unequally.  I also hate injustices in any form.  For example, I have been divorced for 15 years and still fight for the rights for my daughter concerning child support from my ex husband.
  • Things you’re interested in learning about – I want to learn so many different things.  I am always on the net seeking new things to learn about.
  • Things you’re good at – I am good at reading, writing, research and law.  I am also good at organizing anything and cleaning anything.  I have another blog that talks about books and book reviews as this is one passion I have had since I was younger and now decided to blog about it.
  • Things you know a lot about – I know a lot about the cosmetology field.  I know a lot about the Security Filed and Paralegal as these are the fields of study that I have education and experience in.
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