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Gifts From The Child Within: Self-discovery and Self-recovery Through Re-Creatio… by Barbara Sinor

17 other members; Tags: self help, self discovery, self recovery, child within,
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Order in the Court: A Mock Trial Simulation: An Interactive Discovery-Based Soci… by Richard Cote

2 other members; Tags: None
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The God Pocket: He owns it. You carry it. Suddenly, everything changes. by Bruce Wilkinson

No other members; Tags: Christian, spiritual, God, Giving
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Five Chiefs: A Supreme Court Memoir by John Paul Stevens

24 other members; Tags: None
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Game On: Find Your Purpose–Pursue Your Dream by Emmitt Smith

3 other members; Tags: None
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First-Time Landlord: Your Guide to Renting Out a Single-Family Homeby Janet Portman Attorney

14 other members; Tags: Real Estate, Business, Law
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Ascent from Darkness: How Satan’s Soldier Became God’s Warrior by Michael Leehan

4 other members; Tags: spiritual, christian, religion, spiritual warfare
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How to Win Your Case In Traffic Court Without a Lawyer by Janet Traken

2 other members; Tags: speeding ticket, law, pro se, win your case, police officer
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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

3,638 other members; Tags: Romance, Nicholas Sparks
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Manual For Living: CONNECTION, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Lifeby Seth David Chernoff

31 other members; Tags: Life, Meaning of Life, Manual for living, Connection, self help, Quotes
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