News Man Shot and Killed

Man Shot and Killed!  No joke, I was on my way home when I noticed a helicopter above me, only to get home and see that a man was shot and killed here is the article.


And Feb 2012- Interesting about sharaholic!!


Floating Lanterns

If you have ever seen the Disney movie Tangled then you’ll remember the floating lantern festival from the movie. The lantern festival is a real thing. There are a few all over the world with the original and largest being in Thailand. Here are a few tips for using them: It takes a few people to set off each one. One person needs to hold it while the other lights. You hold them while they warm up and they become warm enough to float.

There are lots of sources online for these, including right here. Would you ever use floating lanterns at your event?

12 Year old paints photo’s of Jesus

Wow! God is doing amazing things with young people! God gave this girl an amazing chance to see heaven and now she paints us the amazing pictures! Watch this!


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God bless you!

Holiday Craft Finds from Resale Shop

12/5/2011 Crafts I found at resale today ♥

To sir mixed drinks~ HOW COOL

I also found three books, a tiny notepad for my purse and a blanket.

I love the holidays!  Don’t you?

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

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